My Medical Record is a system that gives you more opportunity to manage you own hospital care, allowing you to connect with clinicians and receive information online to reduce the need for hospital appointments.

It is a secure website providing you with access to your own online health record, containing information jointly managed and maintained by you and us.

The service has the potential to contain a complete summary of your medical history, enabling you to manage your healthcare from home. We have developed this free service because our research has shown that patients value the ability to have access to their hospital information online.

You can register using your email address and mobile phone number. Once registered, you can log in to view information sent to you by the hospital and record information about your condition. In some cases, it may also allow clinicians to carry out consultations either over the telephone or using webcam technology.

My Medical Record has been developed in partnership with University Hospital Southampton and is a website that stores and displays the personal and medical information held in your personal health record, some of which will be loaded from our systems. It also allows you to add your own information about your health, including details that may be being monitored as part of your current treatment, such as your weight or blood pressure, for example.

In some cases it may reduce the need for you to attend outpatient appointments. It also offers you the chance to keep a record of anything that you think might be relevant to your overall healthcare, such as medications or emergency contacts.

All patient data is stored separately so that only HHFT, relevant Clinicians and patients themselves can access their information.

My Medical Record is free and suitable patients will invited to use the system by their clinical team.

You will be able to see information relevant to your treatment and care and send messages to the team treating you. You will also get access to information that is relevant to your condition. As part of your care you may be expected to provide electronic information about yourself and to keep it up to date.

We would like to make this system available to all our patients, even those who do not access the internet at home. Many of our patients have sought assistance from family and friends or community IT resources (your local library for example) when needed.

In order to register for My Medical Record you have to provide an email address and mobile phone number. If you do not have these you may wish to let a member of your family or a friend help you to access the system or log in on your behalf.

You must obtain their consent to do this as we will store their email and mobile phone number against your details.

The main difference between My Medical Record and other information we hold about your healthcare is that the information in the website belongs to you.

Your clinical team might ask you to update information on a regular basis such as your weight or the medication you are taking, for example, along with other information that may be helpful for your healthcare team to know. These are things you might normally tell us when you come to clinic.

Please check the information is accurate on a regular basis and make changes if required. However please think carefully before removing information that might make it easier to care for you. If in doubt, check with your healthcare team first.

It’s important to understand that you will be able to see a wide range of information about your health when you access My Medical Record. You are offered choices as you use the website about the type of information that you are about to see and can choose to enter some parts of the website, and not others. If you do not want to see certain types of information, then please do not open those sections.

The information in the website is confidential and personal to you. You should protect your access details and password in the same way you would do for your other private online services, for example your bank.

When you choose a password, make sure it is something memorable and known only to you. Don’t share it with anyone. It is good practice to change your password regularly, even if you think nobody else knows it.

If you need to change your password go to the main screen and click on the link on the top right hand side.

Personal information you provide on this site may be used by us in a number of ways.

For example:

  • To update your main hospital record
  • To provide you with: appropriate healthcare and treatment, now and in the future; advice and information relating to your treatment and care; the opportunity to take part in our research and development projects, as well as surveys and audits we undertake to improve our services.

To understand more about confidentiality and use of patient information systems please visit our how we use your information page on this website, where you can also find our more about your rights regarding the ways we use your information or how you can obtain copies of the information we hold about you.