Would you like to take part in research?

You can ask your doctor or  patient group if you know about any clinical trials or other studies that you may be able to participate in. You can also search for information on many websites to show your interest in participating.​​ 

For more information on the studies currently open to recruitment at Hampshire Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust please refer to our Open Studies page

Be Part of Research (nihr.ac.uk) has information about clinical trials and other research from several different UK registers. As with Wessex Health Lines, you can also search the site to find relevant trials, and contact researchers directly.

Have you been invited to take part in a study? 

It is possible that you may have already been asked to take part in a research study.  There are many varied types of research involvement; you may only be asked to complete a questionnaire, or to have blood tests, or to take medication.  Whatever your level of involvement, your participation is always voluntary and you are able to withdraw from a research study at any time, without giving a reason, and without it affecting your normal treatment.

For more information and for independent advice about being involved in a research study you can contact the Customer Care Service on 01256 486766 or at customercare@hhft.nhs.uk.