Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing a wide portfolio of research studies that are both relevant and accessible to our patients as we strive through research to continually find new knowledge to improve patient treatment and patient care. 

We have a dedicated clinical research team who support the delivery of both multi-centre studies, and the development of our own research. To contact the research team please email:

  • Research & Development HHFT 💙 @HHFTResearch
    No #3 on the 'Five amazing health research breakthroughs in the last 12 months' is the TARGIT-A trial. Intraoper……
    15 hours ago
  • Research & Development HHFT 💙 @HHFTResearch
    Amazing! Our critical care research teams are part of this effort to recruit to the GenOMICC study.……
    1 day ago
  • Research & Development HHFT 💙 @HHFTResearch
    This morning we've had a great workshop looking at how we develop a research strategy for @HHFTnhs with input from……
    2 weeks ago

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