accommodation_outside.jpgThe majority of our patients travel some distance to be treated by us and we are very lucky to be able to offer accommodation for one relative for the duration of the in-patient stay.  Most of our accommodation is on-site at the back of the hospital grounds. 

Your relative will be allocated a single en-suite bedroom within a four bedroomed flat. 

accommodation_bedroom.jpgEach flat has a shared kitchen/diner where your relative can cook their meals. Bed linen and towels are provided however your relative will need to bring their own toiletries. Accommodation keys can be collected from the reception desk in the Main entrance on B floor from 3pm on the day of arrival (any time if arrival is on a Sunday. Within your accommodation pack will be a key fob and parking permit.  It is important that the parking permit is displayed at all times if you are parking within the accommodation otherwise you risk getting a fine.  The key fob opens the barrier into the accommodation complex, the building and flat your room in in and the room itself. Please take time to read the information within you pack, particularly the instructions on how to open the door to your room as this can sometimes be tricky.

accommodation_lounge_kitche_272x153.jpgThere may be occasions where our on site accommodation is full and on these occasions your relative will be accommodated elsewhere, generally in a local hotel.  As soon as we know this will need to happen, we will telephone you to make you aware and ensure it won’t cause any problems. As soon as we are able to, we will move your relative back across to the on-site accommodation. Our accommodation is limited so we do ask that on the day of discharge your relative vacates their room by 10.00am so that it can be cleaned and made ready for the next occupant.

The accommodation complex has laundry facilities (the round building next to the accommodation office).  The machines are card operated and these can be purchased from the accommodation office and credit added online.  The accommodation has wifi and there is a television in the communal kitchen/diner.

Our accommodation is always very popular and we do ask that if you do not need to make use of it you let either your nurse or the accommodation office know so that it can be re-allocated.

Extra accommodation can be booked, subject to availability, by contacting the accommodation office direct.