For clinical or technical enquiries, requests for urgent work, to arrange special tests, including clinical advice and interpretation.

Dr Katharine Lowndes, Consultant Haematologist, Clinical Lead 01962 824700
Dr Jenny Arnold, Consultant Haematologist 01962 824700
Dr Harberth Fernandez-Leyva, Consultant Haematologist 01962 825804
Dr Marianna Koperdanova, Consultant Haematologist 01256 319984
Dr Noel Ryman, Consultant Haematologist 01256 313297
Dr Nigel Sargant, Consultant Haematologist 01256 313303
Dr Sylwia Simpson, Consultant Haematologist 01256 313296
Dr Katherine Smith, Consultant Haematologist 01256 319984
Donna Hodder, secretary 01256 313279
Helen Todd, secretary 01256 313282
Mark Sidwell, Blood Sciences Manager 01256 312752
Simon Bowen, Haematology Operations Manager (BNHH) 01256 314931
Stephen Knight, Blood Sciences Operations Manager (RHCH) 01962 824467
Marie Cundall, Transfusion Operations Manager 01962 824467
BNHH Haematology/Coagulation 01256 313291/2/4
BNHH Blood Transfusion 01256 313290
RHCH Haematology 01962 824460
RHCH Blood Transfusion enquiries 01962 824449

Consultant clinical advice and interpretation is available 24 hours a day from the on-call Haematologist (contacted by bleep via the Hospital switchboard).

Patient Referrals

The consultant haematologists deal with general haematology and oncology referrals.  Referrals may be made by letter, fax, email or, if urgent, by telephone via the consultant’s secretary.


Haematology and Blood Transfusion are “a UKAS accredited Medical Laboratory No. 8082" For the most up to date currently accredited tests please refer to the schedule of accreditation as published on the UKAS Medical laboratory website.

The haematology department provides a comprehensive clinical advisory and analytical service:

  • routine haematology includes full blood counts, ESR’s, glandular fever screening, warfarin monitoring, coagulation screening and D-dimer for exclusion of VTE
  • specialist haematology includes blood cell morphology, haemoglobinopathies, cell markers, malaria parasite identification
  • emergency investigations, are rapidly available by prior arrangement on a 24-hour basis

A full list of the investigations provided by the department can be found in the Pathology User handbook.

Further investigations are undertaken following abnormal results and screening for atypical diseases.

We participate in National External Quality Assurance Schemes encompassing the analytical work of the department where available.