Orthodontics is part of the Head and Neck Business unit, which includes oral and maxillofacial surgery, ENT, audiology and ophthalmology. Our orthodontic department provides high quality orthodontic care for patients in Hampshire, with outpatient clinics at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital and Royal Hampshire County Hospital. A wide range of orthodontic care is provided, including the treatment of complex malocclusions, multidisciplinary orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and hypodontia.

Our department also regularly participates in the established regional Orthodontic Managed Clinical Network (MCN) in Hampshire in order to keep abreast of regional and national changes in orthodontic care. Further, our orthodontists actively participate in regular regional audit meetings which provide excellent opportunities for peer review, case presentation as well as personal and group auditing to ensure best practice.

At Basingstoke hospital, there is also a well-staffed, onsite orthodontic laboratory with digital model scanning. The unit operates close links with The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford and Southampton General Hospital for multidisciplinary cases and is a spoke unit for the regional cleft service in Salisbury.

Digital radiography is available at both sites to provide up to date x-rays to document each patient’s progress and inform their treatment.

Services provided

Within the orthodontic department, we aim to offer a consultant led, comprehensive orthodontic service for the surrounding local area.

The range of conditions treated within the department, include:

  • severe malocclusions
  • interceptive orthodontics
  • impacted teeth
  • hypodontia
  • cleft lip and palate
  • craniofacial anomalies

A variety of appliances and treatment modalities are utilised including: 

  • removable and fixed appliances
  • functional appliances
  • orthodontics combined with orthognathic surgery
  • orthodontic management of hypodontia.

The team

  Role Contact details
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital    

Miss Mairéad Hayes

Professional qualifications:BDS; MFDS RCS (Edin); MSc; MOrth RCS (Eng); FDS (Orth) RCS (Eng) 

GDC Number: 80767

Consultant Orthodontist

Telephone: 01256 314761 (option 2)


Email: hh-ft.ofo@nhs.net

Shakeel Khan

GDC Number: 249082

Specialty Doctor (Locum)  

Miss Teniola Oyeleye

GDC Number: 150056

Orthodontic Registrar

Telephone: 01256 314761 (option 2)


Email: hh-ft.ofo@nhs.net

Kelly Hughes

GDC Number: 116145

Orthodontic Therapist (Trainee)  
Elaine Weaver

Professional Qualifications:  BDS

GDC No: 71098
Clinical Assistant   
Sarah Bates
GDC No: 113131
Nursing Team  
Rosemary Green
GDC No: 112301
Nursing Team  
Megan Griffin
GDC No: 253218
Nursing Team  
Devika Rai 
GDC number: 276278
Nursing Team  
Olivia Dhumisani 
GDC Number: 141685
Nursing Team  
Emma Connolly 
GDC Number: 256947
Dental Nurse   
Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester    

Miss Ruth Evans 

GDC Number: 53099

Locum Consultant Orthodontist  
Helen Davies

Professional Qualifications: BDS

GDC No: 61725 
Clinical Assistant  

Kelly Hughes

GDC Number: 116145

Orthodontic Therapist (Trainee)  

Lynne Allen
GDC No: 145399

Nursing Team

Telephone: 01962 824143

Kate Gallagher
GDC No: 118587

Nursing Team

Telephone: 01962 824143

Reena Gurung
GDC No: 256180

Nursing TeamT elephone: 01962 824143

Kelly Hughes
GDC No: 116145

Nursing Team

Telephone: 01962 824143

Alisa Vanlint
GDC No: 116874

Nursing Team

Telephone: 01962 824143

Sarah Woollatt
GDC No: 198522

Nursing Team

Telephone: 01962 824143


Referrals to the department

Referrals are triaged to Hampshire Hospitals by the Central Referral Centre (CRC), as requiring complex intervention, based on the national Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). Such cases often require input from allied disciplines such as oral and maxillofacial surgery. The orthodontic team works closely with this and other departments to deliver multidisciplinary care.

Dental Electronic Referral System (DeRS):

Please note that Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will commence using the DeRS system to receive all orthodontic referrals from 7 February 2020. All dental referrals must be sent through this system in order to be processed.

Please note that the Central Referral Centre (CRC) will only be in place for a short time after the transition to DeRS. Practices are encouraged to provide as much information as possible on their DeRS referral to enable the teams to triage patients appropriately to see the right clinician in a time appropriate to their clinical urgency.