Maternity reception (appointments) 01256 313328
Antenatal clinic 01256 314720
Maternity day assessment unit (MDAU) 01256 313351
Early pregnancy assessment unit (EPAU) 01256 312766
Ultrasound scan department 01256 314776
Antenatal ward 01256 473202 - ext 4464
Delivery suite 01256 313600
Postnatal ward 01256 313321
Neonatal unit 01256 313686
Breastfeeding clinic 01256 313321
Community midwives office (8.30am - 3.30pm) 01256 314890
Associate Director of Maternity and Women’s Health 01256 313329
Team leader - antenatal ward and maternity day assessment unit 01256 313351
Team leader - postnatal ward 01256 313321
Antenatal screening midwife 01256 314720

Clinical Midwifery Matrons

Our Clinical Midwifery Matrons ensure that high standards of safety and effective care are maintained through continuous professional development for midwives and multi-professionals.

We strive to ensure that everyone who uses our service has a positive experience and where there are queries or concerns, we take steps to address as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us to provide feedback about maternity services.

Victoria Cusick - Clinical matron for labour ward and antenatal 07881 008295
Clinical matron for postnatal and neotnatal services 07500 570096


Car parking

Pay and display parking is available please bring change with you to pay on exit.


Smoking is not permitted in the hospital or hospital grounds. Pregnancy is often a time when people consider giving up smoking both for their own health and that of the baby. If you smoke and would like to give up please ask your midwife for information on stopping smoking.


Hospedia is available at every bedside and cards can be purchased from the Hospedia machines. For further information please click here.


The midwives will deal with any telephone enquiries about you whilst you are on the ward, but please remember they cannot give out any information about you to callers. Therefore it is helpful if you or your partner can pass on all information to relatives and friends in order to keep the phone lines as clear as possible in case of emergencies.


To provide you with extra security and peace of mind when you have had your baby we have a cot mattress / parent controlled system. This will be demonstrated to you once your baby is born.

Car seats

By law and in the interests of safety, any child should be restrained while travelling by car. It is therefore important that you provide a car seat for the baby's journey home from the hospital. It is essential that you heed the advice given by the manufacturer and adhere to regulations for the safety of your baby.