Home enteral nutrition team

Some patients require artificial feeding through a tube for conditions such as strokes, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and cancer.

Approximately 250 adult patients are looked after by this specialist team of dietitians, dietetic assistant, nutrition nurse and Homecare Company nurses.  These patients are seen in their own homes, clinics and care homes.

The team works closely with ward staff to ensure safe discharge of patients including training on the care of the tube and the use of the equipment.  Ongoing review in the community includes assessment of nutritional requirements, detecting and monitoring feeding problems and liaising with other healthcare professionals.

Patients on Intravenous and Naso-gastric Nutrition Treatment (PINNT) support group website

Diabetes team

Diet is fundamental in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  The dietitian, as part of the diabetes team, provides advice and education about diet, lifestyle and medication in the management of diabetes.

Dietitians see patients in one-to-one consultations and group sessions linked to the following diabetes services:

  • Pre-conception care
  • Diabetes antenatal clinic
  • Intensive treatment clinics
  • Adolescent/Young adult services
  • Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusions (insulin pumps)
  • Patient education e.g. carbohydrate counting

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Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a community programme providing patients with information about their heart condition to enable them to recover from surgery, a procedure or a heart attack.

Making changes to lifestyle (that includes diet) can help improve heart health and therefore reduce the risk of further heart problems.

Patients who have had a heart attack are seen by the specialist cardiac rehabilitation team including the dietitian to provide advice and support.

This involves an interactive group session on nutrition education.

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Macmillan dietitian

Macmillan dietitians at Hampshire Hospitals NHS foundation Trust see patients in specialist outpatient clinics, during their chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or in their own homes.

Eating well during cancer, being diagnosed with a precancerous condition or a life limiting illness can be difficult for some people, especially if food isn’t something they’ve ever really had to think about before.

A specialist dietitian works with patients, their families and carers to create a realistic and practical plan to prevent or minimise the effects that difficulty eating can cause.

Sometimes treatments can increase appetite with weight gain being an unwanted side effect in some situations. Specialist nurses can signpost people to resources and advice on healthy eating and weight loss if appropriate.

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