If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and want to learn more about your condition, Diabetes UK provides a wealth of information about the different types of diabetes, what care to expect, dietary principles and treatments and how to look after your health.

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The following is a check list of what will take place at your Diabetes Annual Review
and may help you prepare for this consultation.

  • Your consent will be obtained and an explanation of the procedure given.
  • Your medical history will be discussed and updated.
  • General health and well-being will be reviewed
  •  Lifestyle and behaviours will be discussed
  • Medications and when you are taking them will be reviewed
  • A physical examination will be undertaken
    • Foot examination
    • Injection sites if appropriate
    • BP measurement
  • A sample of urine will be tested
  • Blood test results will be reviewed
  • Your risk factors will be discussed with you
  • Opportunity to discuss sexual health
  • How to access support to manage your diabetes effectively
  • Discuss your educational needs and personal goals

Note: Annual Reviews can be managed over a number of appointments and should not necessarily be limited to a once a year appointment.