The team aims to:

  • Support people to manage their diabetes in the way that they choose.
  • Improve standards of diabetes care.
  • Provide care in the right setting for the individual’s needs.
  • Educate people, their families and their carers about living with diabetes.
  • Educate healthcare professionals to deliver safe and effective diabetes care.

Role Name Contact Base Email
Consultant Dr Roland Guy 01256 313649 BNHH
  Dr Ben Turner 01256 313649 BNHH
Lead Pharmacist Emmanuel Ejii 07487625267


RHCH Wed/Thurs
  Dr Andrea Norris 01256 313649 BNHH
  Dr Jimmy Chong 01962 825097 RHCH
  Dr Kimberley Lambert 01962 825097 RHCH
Diabetes Specialist Nurse Sarah Tombling 01256 313649 BNHH Mon-Fri   9am-4pm
  Gill Lloyd 01256 313649 BNHH Wed-Fri   9am-4pm
  Claire Hughes 01256 313649 BNHH Mon-Fri   9am-4pm
  Susan Farmer 01256 313649 BNHH Mon-Fri   9am-4pm
  Shawndel Nero 01962 825301


Mon-Fri   9am-4pm

Secretary Gill Jacobs (Tues am)
  Kate Haines 01962 825301


Tue-Fri   9am-4pm

Secretary Gill Jacobs (Tues am)
  Diane Arden 01962 825301


Mon-Wed   9am-4pm

Secretary Gill Jacobs (Tues am)
Diabetes admin assistant Dawn Lovelock 01256 313649 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  
Diabetes Specialist Dietitian Camilla Cox

01256 313649 / 01962 824438

  Jo Nicholls 01962 824438 RHCH  
Podiatrist   01256 313663 BNHH  
  Rosie Legge 01962 828357 RHCH  
Psychologist Rav Bhandal 01256 313649 / 01962 824351 BNHH / RHCH  


  • Diabetes Antenatal Clinic

All patients with diabetes should have a blood test done one week prior to their appointment. This can be arranged at your GP surgery, or at the hospital. The doctor will have given you a form at your previous appointment, but if it is your first visit please ask your GP for a form.

Please bring a urine sample, your home blood glucose readings (book or meter) and your most up-to-date prescription to the clinic appointment.

On arrival for an Outpatient clinic appointment, you will be seen by a nurse who will weigh you, measure your blood pressure and test your urine sample. You will then seen by the professional your appointment is with. You may also be referred to other members of the diabetes multi-disciplinary team following your consultation.

Appointments are held in Outpatients or in the Lasham Unit. Information about the location will be in the clinic appointment letter.

  • Outpatients: From the main entrance, book in at reception and follow signs to orange/red outpatient area depending on information.
  • Diabetes Department in the Lasham Unit located outside the main entrance to the hospital.


  • General Diabetes Clinic  (Wednesday pm and Friday am) (Alton 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month)
  • General Endocrine Clinic (Monday and Friday pm)
  • Diabetes Foot Clinic
  • Young Adults Diabetes Clinic
  • Transition Clinic (16-21yr old)
  • Diabetes Insulin Pump Clinic
  • Diabetes Antenatal Clinic
  • Pre-conception clinic
  • Diabetes Specialist Nurse Clinic
  • Diabetes specialist Dietitian Clinic


  • Type 1 carbohydrate counting course - BIANCA ( Balancing Insulin And Carbohydrate)
  • Carbohydrate awareness Education
  • Gestational Diabetes Education
  • Insulin Pump Initiation and Training
  • Freestyle Libre Education session
  • Diabetes Foundation Course – For Newly diagnosed Type 1 Patients

Appointments are held in Outpatients, or in the Brooks Diabetes Centre. Information about the location will be in the clinic appointment letter.

  • Outpatients: Burrell Wing. Book in at reception.    
  • Brooks Diabetes Centre: At the top of the main car park.


  • Diabetes Foot Clinic
  • Diabetes Renal Clinic
  • Young Adults Diabetes Clinic
  • Paediatric Transition Clinic
  • Diabetes Pump Clinic
  • Diabetes Antenatal Clinic
  • Pre-conception Clinic


  • Carbohydrate Counting Education
  • Gestational Diabetes Education
  • Insulin Pump Initiation and Training 
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)