Research in the NHS attempts to improve treatment using sound evidence gained from well designed and ethically approved studies.

All treatments have, at some time, been the subject of research and every year thousands of people agree to become participants in research studies, contributing to these advances in healthcare. Across the HHFT sites we are involved in running a large number of clinical trials for haematology patients.

Our research nurses meet with patients to discuss the different treatment options that have been initially mentioned by the consultants. This gives the opportunity to ask further questions about the treatments and different drugs they are likely to receive.

The research nurses will then make the appropriate appointments specified by the trial protocol and communicate this to ensure the patients have a clear understanding of what will be required. They will continue to coordinate study activities whilst the patient is on the trial, and are a point of contact both for the patient and the family.

Wioletta Kowalczyk Haematology Research Practitioner
Julie Ackland Haematology Research Nurse
Sam Taylor Haematology Research Nurse
Kerry Feltwell Specialist Screening Practitioner
Dawn Hill Research Administrator

If you would like to more about research at HHFT, visit the research homepage or email