NHS hearing aids, batteries and earmoulds are provided free of charge, so you will not have to pay anything for NHS aids.  Hearing aids are expensive however, so please look after them carefully.  A charge will be made to cover the cost of replacement if your hearing aid is lost or damaged beyond repair.

YES - all new NHS hearing aids issued by this department are digital. The type we issue are Behind-The-Ear (BTE) digital aids, don’t confuse DIGITAL with ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids.

We don’t issue ITE aids in this department unless you have a medical condition which means that ITE aids are needed. ITE aids are more expensive than the BTE aids and are more costly to repair and maintain.

No, it is not legally possible for the NHS to sell hearing aids so this “top-up” proposal is not allowed.

Changing your appointment may cause you to have a longer wait as we are normally fully booked at least six weeks ahead.  So please try to keep to your original appointment.  If you really have to change your appointment, give as much notice as possible and telephone the department on 01962 824437.

Initially you need to attend one of the hearing aid repair clinics.  An audiologist will check that your hearing aid(s) are working and carry out any adjustments where necessary.  If a reassessment of your hearing is still necessary after these checks have been made, an appointment will be booked.  If your last assessment was within three years it may be necessary to obtain a referral from your GP.

Please attend one of the hearing aid repair clinics to report a lost/broken hearing aid.  Please note: If you lose or damage your hearing aid(s) you will probably have to pay an administrative charge.

Batteries and tubing are available from:

  • all our hearing aid repair clinics
  • Basingstoke Audiology Reception
  • Main Reception, Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
  • Winchester main outpatients and Andover outpatients reception between 9am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm
  • The Discovery Centre, Festival Place, Basingstoke
  • Chase Community Hospital reception
  • Alton Community Hospital reception
  • Some GP surgeries. Please enquire at your local surgery
  • Red Cross Centre, Suffolk Road, Andover.  Opening times: 10am – 12noon; 2pm – 4pm Monday to Friday
  • By Post.  Please send a self-addressed envelope and one second-class large letter stamp to the audiology department together with your full name and date of birth.  Batteries will be sent out by return of post. 

Please bring your blue or brown hearing aid booklet with you when obtaining batteries to ensure that you are given the correct type.

There are several places that can provide Assistive Listening Devices to help further enable communication:

  • Communication Rehabilitation Service:
    The communication rehabilitation officer can give you and your family and/ or carer support and information on 
  • General difficulties about hearing loss 
  • Registering as deaf/ hard of hearing 
  • Communication (useful for families) 
  • Equipment to assist at home, such as telephones, doorbells and TV amplifiers 
  • Local and national organisations and information about benefits 
  • Information about support available at work and some practical solutions 
  • Information on the help available from Hampshire County Council Adult Services for people with sensory loss.

If you would like to make an appointment to see the communication officer, please ring them on 0845 603 5630 to arrange an appointment at Winchester or 01420 545652 to arrange an appointment at Basingstoke, Alton or Bordon.

Equipment Drop In Clinic: Further information about equipment to assist at home is available from the following Drop In Sessions.

Day Location Time
Monday Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Audiology Department, Winchester 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Wednesday Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Audiology Department, Winchester 9.00am to 12pm
Thursday Discovery Centre, Festival Place, Basingstoke 9.00am to 12pm

Equipment Websites: Visit the Action on Hearing Loss catalogue or Connevans for further information on products available.