To all staff,

On behalf of the Council of Governors, please allow me this opportunity to express our pride and heartfelt gratitude to you all, our wonderful Trust staff.  Over the past few months, disregarding the risk to yourselves and at much personal sacrifice, you have all continued to inspire us with your tireless commitment, dedication and endless care to our patients and the wider community. The weekly clapping has shown beyond doubt the respect and admiration the nation feels for its NHS and the twenty-four hour news coverage has highlighted the frontline clinical staff demonstrating their courage and determination, whilst under great personal stress.  But to keep that frontline in operation it has taken many exceptional people behind the scenes working in support, whether it be searching the country to obtain that elusive PPE, or providing hot meals during the night to sustain the hungry.  It would be unforgivable of me to miss anybody from this endless list of magnificent people who have given their all, during this unprecedented and challenging time, so I shall simply say to you all, you are true heroes and we are so very proud of you all.

As we start to withdraw from Lockdown, with all the uncertainty that entails, we look to the future and the new ‘norm’.  HHFT has learnt a great deal over this period and there will be many changes for us all to get used to, but change can also bring with it many new opportunities.  The future of healthcare is already taking up its position on the start-line with the Hampshire Together programme and many of the lessons learned throughout the Coronavirus pandemic will help to shape the programme.

In closing, remember that you have been history in the making.  Children will learn about the pandemic of 2020 in schools, endless TV documentaries will be produced, who knows even Hollywood may come knocking.  But one thing can be certain, you have been a part of a truly incredible period in our country’s biography and you all should be immensely proud of yourselves.  Thank you, and well done! 

Lt Col (Retd) DJ Ralph
Lead Governor
Council of Governors